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January 21, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Valentine’s Day presents from Apley Farm Shop

2016-01-20, Bon Bon's heart mallows £3.95

Bon Bon’s heart marshmallows £3.95

2016-01-20, Heart shortbread Valentine

Handmade heart shortbread in the farm shop

2016-01-20, Heart shortbread Valentines' afternoon tea

Heart shortbreads for Afternoon Teas

2016-01-20, Holdsworth handmade chocolates, £8.99 tbc

Holdsworth handmade chocolates, £8.99

2016-01-20, Neill Mapes heart bowls, £16 or £40

Neill Mapes heart bowls, £16 & £40

2016-01-20, Valentines chocolate fondant landscape

St Valentine’s chocolate fondant – on the cafe menu

2016-01-20, Valentine's Day card by A Farmer's Daughter, from £1.89

Valentine’s Day card by A Farmer’s Daughter, from £1.89

Borgo Alato Prosecco £11.49, SW0_1580a

Borgo Alato Prosecco £11.49

Crème Dore, 6 for £3.25 or 12 for £6.49, 2E0A2794a

Crème Dore, 6 for £3.25 or 12 for £6.49

Meringues by Merangz, £1.60 each, 2E0A2783a

Meringues by Merangz, £1.60 each

More photos tomorrow from our courtyard florist Big Little Things of their Valentine’s Day flowers, bouquets & potted plants, but in the meantime, here are some great Valentine’s Day present ideas from Apley Farm Shop. Some will also be available from our online DeliShop very soon.

Other items in the range by A Farmer’s Daughter include mugs £9.95,  tea towels £6.50 & aprons £14.50 – all great presents whatever the season.

It seems like 5 mins ago that Apley Farm Shop opened on 31 March 2011, but it’s 5 years, so I’m just busy working on a press release looking back at all that’s happened in our 5th year & all that lies ahead.

Around the anniversary, we’ll be planting a tree for every year along our exit drive & as in previous years, give the first customers a free cup cake. Yum !

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