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March 6, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden news

2016-02-27, AWG First of many lettuce

First of many lettuce

2016-02-22, self seeded oak tree in AWG

Self seeded oak tree within the walls

2016-02-22, Red veined sorrel used in Creamery Cafe

Red veined sorrel used in Creamery Cafe

2016-02-29, Bird boxes in the fruit pen

Bird boxes in the fruit pen

2016-02-27, AWG Italian flat leaf parsley

Our Italian flat leaf parsley

2016-02-27, AWG Loganberries tied in

Loganberries tied in, blackberries also done

Apley Walled Garden’s Head Gardener Phil Allen was again on BBC Radio Shropshire’s Gardener’s Question Time this morning – listen again by clicking HERE.

Lots of seed sowing is happening because it’s been so relatively warm in the polytunnels – lettuces, radishes, tomatoes & lots of salad plants for the shop, Creamery Cafe & local restaurants. This winter we’ve not yet had any snow & have only had about 10-15 frosts & even then, not very hard frosts.

The volunteers have been helping to dig out the last of the winter crops, including the kale stalks & getting the ground ready for this year’s potatoes. We’ll be growing 5 varieties – International kidney, Apache, Sharpe’s Express, Rooster & Arron Pilot. We’ll also grow just 1 row of Black Shetland potatoes.

For fertiliser, all the horse manure has been collected & will be put around the fruit trees. The latest pesky pests are the mice which have eaten about 200 broad bean shoots grown in the melon house which must be so disappointing for Phil.

On of this year’s most unusual crop is yard long beans which Phil grew last year for Suree Coates, chef of the King & Thai restaurant in Broseley, just a few miles from Apley Farm Shop.

Check out our website by clicking HERE to find out what’s available at any given time. We Grow to Order for anyone – just buzz the Apley Farm Shop office 01952 730 345 (ext 6) or email

The bird boxes in the photo here were made by Sybilla & Octavia with local woodland artist Neill Mapes a few years ago. They’re for territorial blue tits who eat gooseberry sawfly which would otherwise eat all the leaves. This is a gardening tip which Phil picked up when he was in first training in horticulture near La Rochelle in France.

PS. Check out Eat the Midlands website to see our Apley Bake Off promo film made by AgWa Media.

PPS. Veg of the month is Chrysanthemum greens. Recipe coming.


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  1. geraldtodd5 / Mar 7 2016 7:04 pm

    Great to see the garden is doing so well with all the hard work put into it. On a slightly different note have you ever considered harvesting and using in your cafe/restaurant at the Farm shop, the wild garlic which grows on several parts of the estate. It makes the most fantastic soup and is very versatile in savoury dishes. You can also make a good pesto out of it. It is almost ready for using now while the leaves are still young and later the flowers can be used in a salad but you probably already know this.

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