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March 10, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Operation Orphan collection point at Apley Farm Shop

2016-03-09, KACW Apley Farm Shop A5 leaflet JPEG

DSC_0932 resized Orphan-logo Orphan-TaglineApley Farm Shop is now an Operation Orphan collection point. We’ve got 2 collection periods set up for unwanted children’s winter clothes: 19-28 March (Easter holidays, ending on the Apley Easter Funday) & 28 May to 5 June (May half term, ending on Open Farm Sunday).

How did all this come about ? My mother in law had some old blankets to give away & I offered to help find a suitable recipient. I googled key words & emailed Loving Hands. They put me onto Operation who said they’d collect the blankets. I then quickly realised that Apley Farm Shop could easily become a collection centre for anyone else with unwanted blankets or children’s clothes. So this week I met with Brad Moore, a director of Operation Orphan & heard about their amazing work for these precious children. He’s just sent me these key facts to share:

Operation Orphan was established as a charity in England and Wales in 2010 (charity number 1136170) & in the US in 2015. It was founded by Brad and Cyrilyn Moore, who currently employ 1 full time and 5 part time members of staff. They also work with hundreds of volunteers from across the UK. Their core administration costs are underwritten by Danbro Ltd, so 100% of all donations received are used to fund the projects.

Over 70 schools support the charity either financially, with volunteers or with Keep a Child Warm. Their funding primarily comes from individuals, schools and businesses. In the year ending Feb 2015, their turnover was £301 805.00.  The charity developed Keep a Child Warm, Safe, Healthy and Learning as a simple way of communicating to donors how the charity is strengthening the care structure of the children. Their long term goal is CRISIS INTERVENTION dealing with children orphaned through natural or manmade disasters. In those situations, Operation Orphan will do all they can to identify, make safe and connect the children to a loving and long term care structure.

Numbers are hard to quantify and the levels of support range from one-off relief donations to lifelong commitments, but here is a very impressive list of who & where they are currently supporting orphans and vulnerable children:


  1. Homework Centre for orphans in Mutare – 30 orphans –
  2. HIV support group for children living with HIV – 80 orphans and vulnerable children
  3. Deaf school 100 orphans and vulnerable children
  4. Scholarship programme – keeping 50 registered orphans in full time education

Uganda – Primary school (150 students) providing free education for 70 orphans and vulnerable children from a slum community. Other work includes community sanitation programme, small scale farming project, daily feeding programme, deworming programme and mosquito nets.

Ghana – Nutrition Centre, water and sanitation programme across district and school scholarship fund for orphans – estimated over 1000 children impacted each year by the work of these programme.

Sierra Leone – 56 ebola orphans – building new homes and providing for their holistic long term care.

Nepal – relief post-earthquake (400 families) and a school scholarship and feeding programme for a growing number of children orphaned by the earthquake – currently 10.

UK – Forget–Me-Notts – Gifts for 1500 vulnerable children known to social services at Easter and Christmas.

Jamaica – Scholarship fund for 4 very vulnerable children.

Moldova – winter clothing for over 1000 children, support for a mother and baby unit, clothing and funding for orphans in the care of local social services.

Ukraine – winter clothing for 120 orphans, some from the current conflict.

India – Leprosy Colony – feeding programme for 15 children from extremely poor families.

They have also provided relief to orphans and vulnerable children living in:

Dominica – 2015 Natural disaster – 400 children benefited from funds given to help rebuild their homes post the tropical storm.

Iraq – Kurdish IDP’s (this project is in its infant stage).

Jordan – Syrian and Iraqi refugees (approx. 1000 children).

Romania – Keep a Child Warm, – Orphanage 60 children.

Hungary – Keep a Child Warm – Rural community – 500 children.

Slovakia – Keep a Child Warm – 200 children

Serbia – Keep a Child Warm – Roma Community – 30 children.

Vietnam – Orphanage- 30 children.

For more information, here are some other key links: 

Website –

Youtube Channel –

Facebook –

Twitter –

This is clearly all an immense amount of work which will continue for many lifetimes. Plus, I have been so impressed with their efficiency & professionalism. What I feel is so special about any orphan charity is that it cares for children who are otherwise so vulnerable, through no fault of their own & who have a future, if only we help them when they most need it.

Apley Farm Shop, Pigg’s Playbarn & the Creamery Cafe will have collection boxes at the cash tills for any loose change you feel you can donate. Equally important though is to keep any unwanted winter clothes & blankets from filling landfills & bring them to Apley Farm Shop 19-28 March or 28 May to 5 June to help support this amazing charity !

Apley Farm Shop and Operation Orphan are proud to be working together to support orphans and vulnerable children around the world, keeping them safe, healthy, warm and learning. 

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