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April 1, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden breaks into Spring

Mustard frills, Baby pak Choi, Chrysanthemum greens

Mustard frills, Baby pak Choi, Chrysanthemum greens



Apley Walled Garden breaks into Spring  – first lot of potatoes (International Kidney, Apache, Aaron Pilot & Sharpe’s Express) are being planted, as well as radishes (varieties include red meat, French breakfast, white icicle & Japanese mooli). Seedlings – cauliflower, cabbage, broad beans, tomatoes, sweet peas. Everything’s coming to life as the temperatures rise. Polytunnels are full of lettuce, Chinese cabbage, spring onions, Pak Choi & other unusual salad leaves. As he moves some salad crops out of the polytunnels, he’ll cover them with fleece. This allows more space in the polytunnels to bring on the next crop. This week he will be harvesting the last of the winter veg crops including baby parsnips (for Easter in the Creamery Cafe), swede, leeks, scorzonera & salsify. Our own Walled Garden rhubarb & local asapargus from Quatt will be available very soon. Walled Garden asaparagus won’t be ready until 2018 as it takes 3 years from planting (done in 2015).

BBC Midlands Today covered the garden on Wednesday at 13h30 & 18h30. On the BBC Midlands Today Facebook page, the short video (not the full report) was the most watched piece on Thursday morning & made it to the BBC homepage! Hoorah !

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