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May 2, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Bake Off today at Apley Farm Shop

2016-05-02, Apley Bake Off, the 5 chefs

Apley Bake Off chefs – left to right, Stuart Philips, Suree Coates, James Sherwin, Chris Burt & Lajina Leal

My huge thanks today go to the Apley Bake Off – photographed here, left to right: Stuart Philips, Suree Coates, James Sherwin, Chris Burt & Lajina Leal.

At about 13h30, staff, chefs & customers survived the heaviest deluge I’ve seen for ages – without which a British Bank Holiday would not be so special !

We had a fantastic turnout – cake entries were numerous & stunning – of an incredibly high standard. Many enjoyed each of the chef demonstrations & between 10-20 attended each chef masterclass. Many customers went home happily clutching one of the fabulous prizes offered for the baking & masterclasses. Inevitably for any first event, there were some things which happened which I hadn’t forseen & some which didn’t happen quite as I’d planned !

A Decent Exposure (Steph filming & Steve photographing) were onsite all day capturing the spirit of the day, including this one of the 5 chefs to whom I’m so grateful – without them, there would have been no Bake Off ! Steve’s sent through so many fab photos, we’ll have to make them into a mini post-event film to remember the day by !

Our next event at Apley Farm Shop is Open Farm Sunday on Sunday 5 June – but heaps of ‘day-job’ tasks to do before then !

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