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May 30, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Rapeseed in flower at Apley Farm Shop

2016-05-30, Oil seed rape in flower in front of farm shop

Oil seed rape in flower in front of Apley Farm Shop, © Steve Watts

The oil seed rape is in flower in front of Apley Farm Shop, looking sooo pretty. Steve Watts of A Decent Exposure took this shot for us today.

We stock Bennett & Dunn cold pressed, rapeseed oil, with its gentle creamy nutty flavour. It’s produced by husband and wife team Rupert and Tracey Bennett with 30 years-experience farming in Shropshire.

Here’s a bit about their cold pressed premium rapeseed oil which comes in 250ml and 500ml bottles & won Great Taste Awards last year, 2015. “It is triple filtered, hand bottled, is GM free, gluten free & the whole production process is chemical free. It can be used for cooking, marinades, dipping & drizzling. It cooks at a higher temperature without effecting the many health benefits, character or taste. The success of the rapeseed crop is dependent on pollinating insects such as bees, so a local beekeeper has his hives on the Bennett & Dunn farms. This all in turn helps support our farms & the British countryside.”

Their salad dressings come in 250 ml bottles & in 3 flavours – Chilli & Garlic, Honey & Mustard & Classic Vinaigrette.

PS. Steve Watts just emailed me: “When I got home after that photo I opened my camera bag and a load of yellow flowers fell out – they seem to get everywhere – I also had one yellow Converse [shoe] (pollen!) and one very muddy one (a hidden  puddle!).

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