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June 27, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Show jumping photos – great event venue

2016-06-25, Show jumping at Apley Farm Shop (3)

Setting up the jumps early Saturday evening

2016-06-25, Show jumping at Apley Farm Shop

Just before the first class

2016-06-25, Show jumping at Apley Farm Shop (1)

Octavia on Ballydaff Boss

Apley Farm Shop proved itself to be a great event venue yesterday, when it welcomed 400 competitors in a Pony Club show jumping competition. Many kindly said what a great venue it was & how delicious the farm shop meat was, so perhaps there will be more in future.

All those there were hoping to qualify for the Pony Club Championships held in August at Cholmondeley Castle – a 5 day event, covering numerous equestrian disciplines from polocrosse & mounted games to dressage, show jumping & eventing.

It was beautifully organised by the volunteers from the Wheatland Pony Club whose turn it was to host the event. The light rain only arrived around 3.30pm & wasn’t enough to stop play. It was a delight to watch so many riders, all riding at a very good level, some jumping 80cm, others 1m20.

The day ran for nearly 12 hrs, with so many competitors. How brilliant to have children more interested in a pot of new hoof oil for their ponies than a new shade of nail varnish. It’s a ridiculously time consuming sport & the only one which requires the co-operation of an animal. I often think I’d swap any day for swimming or gymnastics, but when I come to count them, the advantages (as a sport for children & teenagers) always outweigh the disadvantages!

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