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July 21, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Swifts bread & Apley Walled Garden raspberries in Apley Farm Shop

2016-07-17, Swifts bread sold out (2)2016-07-12, Swifts Bakery breadSwifts bread is now in stock in Apley Farm Shop & sold out on day 1 – totally delicious & refreshingly different.

On Tuesday evening, our first night of the holidays, all 6 of us together at home, we all headed down to Apley Walled Garden to harvest raspberries which we then stored in the chiller overnight & delivered to Apley Farm Shop on Wednesday morning. The gardens are so quiet & voices echo so easily within the walls, so conversation over the raspberry canes was very easy. As well as raspberries, we picked loganberries, jostaberries (the clean-shaven (as Gavin puts it), hair free dark red gooseberries) & red currants.

The morello cherries are growing well on the north wall, though I have to say, so are the weeds, so when we gave a tour to the Bridgnorth Rotary Club, I felt rather embarassed at the less-well tended areas of the garden. It’s of course impossible to keep up 2 acres of garden looking great all the time, especially in the summer.

One of the group kindly spotted the change in brick type used on the south facing wall, which has the boilers & chimneys. The top 10 layers of brick have been fired at a higher temperature. We deduced that the lower brick layers would emanate the heat from the boilers (providing hot air into the walls) more easily if it could not escape further up.

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