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August 4, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

This week’s favourites at Apley Farm Shop

2016-08-02, Peter's Yard Knacks, crispbread bites, image

Cake of the week: Strawberry shortbread

Cake of the week: Strawberry shortbread

2016-08-03, Prawn Cocktail DOTW, £7

Prawn Cocktail, Dish of the Week, £7

Peter’s Yard Knacks, crispbread bites £3.95 are one of my latest favourite foods being stocked in Apley Farm Shop recently.

Dish of the week is a great value prawn cocktail for £7 & Strawberry shortbread is our delicious & seasonal cake of the week.

Sausage of the week is chicken & pork masala with coriander £5.95 per kg. Cheese of the week is Cheddar Gorge.

On Sunday 31 July, we offered a free barbecue pack to the winner of our prize draw. It was so popular, we’re running it for a second month until 31 August. Just drop in your business card at any of our cash tills to have a chance of winning.

Click HERE to see a film of our butcher preparing British sirloin beef.

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