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October 4, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Ironbridge Walking Group at Apley Farm Shop

ironbridge-gorge-walking-festival-leaflet-2016-page-002 ironbridge-gorge-walking-festival-leaflet-2016-page-001Ironbridge Walking Group is coming to Apley Farm Shop twice next Sunday, 16 October & walking over parts of the Apley Estate, by special permission – as it’s strictly private at all times. I’m so how fit their members must be as their chairman, Neil Cartman, just emailed me their itinerary below.

Anyone is welcome to join in – click HERE for more details, email them on or call 01952 433 424.

During their 2016 walking festival, 600 walkers walked 6000 miles over 9 days. Here’s their 2016 programme to give you an idea of what it’s all about.

Location Time Distance
The Iron Bridge 07:30
Shakespeare Car park Coalport 08:15 2 miles
Apley Farm Shop 10:15 5.75 miles
Estate 10:45 6 miles
Apley Farm Shop 12:55
Shakespeare Car park Coalport 14:00 3.25 miles
The Iron Bridge 14:30 1.5 miles

The whole distance (for Sun 16 Oct) about 18.5 miles or Coalport to Coalport 15 miles.

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