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October 25, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Hot air balloon world champion at Apley Farm Shop


Apley Farm Shop from a hot air balloon, 8h40, 25 Oct 2016

2016-10-25-hot-air-balloon-photo-sw-1-12016-10-25-hot-air-balloon-photo-sw-1-32016-10-25-hot-air-balloon-photo-sw-1-52016-10-25-hot-air-balloon-photo-sw-12016-10-25-hot-air-balloon-photo-sw-1-2A hot air balloon from Worcestershire took off from Apley Farm Shop today. He emailed me this lovely aerial shot I wish I’d been there, but at least Steve Watts was (A Decent Exposure photography). The balloonist said he ended up at Warton on the other side of the Wrekin.

Steve just told me how balloonists use wind channels to get back to their take off point & if you look at the aerial photo carefully, you can see him in the field (ant like dimensions!) rushing over to the car park to try to get the shot (shown here) of the balloon going over the Farm Shop!

PS. The balloonist just emailed me to say he doesn’t do commercial flights as he’s a competition balloonist. He’s been world champion twice. He took his son & daughter to the airport today to compete in the world championships in Japan. That’s so impressive & exciting – wow !

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