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November 12, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Christmas decorations at Apley Farm Shop


The possible subconscious source of inspiration – Apley Walled Garden overgrown beech hedge tunnel


Hazel branches get first coat of white paint


Late night DIY team, after closing hours


Deciding heights, positions & angles

2016-11-07-putting-up-afs-christmas-decorations-3 I sometimes wish I’d been a shop window display designers as it’s always so creative & such fun. But I never like doing the Christmas decorations at Apley Farm Shop before bonfire night – just seems far too soon to me! In these photos, you can see the very early stages of development of our 2016 decorations.  They’re very unfinished, but it’ll happen ! Thank you to Lydia, Alan, Adam & Mark for helping me after hours.

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