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December 9, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Top prizes for the Oldington herd of British White cattle


2) Oldington with Paul Pennington winning the Heifer of the Year 2016 title, taken at the West Midlands Showground in Shrewsbury


1) Oldington Alderney with Harry Pennington won National Junior Championship at the Three Counties Show in Malvern 2016


3) Latchygors Teasquare, the stock bull of the Oldington herd of British White cattle. He was national bull champion of 2015


4) Oldington herd of British White Cattle wins the Randolph Turpin trophy (for the best national overall herd)


5) Faygate Clarissa, a cow in the Oldington herd, taken in the mist by Harry Pennington


6) Harry Pennington with Oldington Alderney at the Three Counties Show 2016 in Malvern


3 Nov 2016, Bridgnorth Journal article about the Pennington family’s awards

The Pennington family are farming tenants on the Apley Estate, living live less than 1 mile from Apley Farm Shop. They supply us with beef from their herd of British White Cattle.

I caught up with them today, when they began to explain their fabulous run of awards:

Oldington Alderney, a cow in their herd, won National Junior Championship at the British White Cattle Society national show at the Royal Three Counties Show 2016 which takes place annually in June in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Oldington Teasel won Senior Heifer* of the Year, announced at the British White Cattle Society AGM in October. She also won Breed Champion & Reserve Interbreed Female at the West Midlands Show 2016 (clearly a bit of a star cow).

Harry Pennington also won 3rd prize with Oldington Alderney in the Junior Heifer of the Year, also announced at the society’s AGM in October.

On top of all those prizes, their Oldington herd also won the Randolph Turpin trophy for the Best National Overall Herd, awarded by the British White Cattle Society.

Paul & Catherine Pennington, owners & managers of the Oldington herd, explained the process to me: “The cattle are judged on conformation, which can be improved by breeders being selective over which bull breeds with which cows. The competition was stiff this year – we compete with 50 herds around the country. The cows & bulls accrue points at shows attended throughout the year. These points are calculated every October at the AGM of the British White Cattle Society & the winner is the cow or bull which accrues the most points. There are prizes for cow of the year, bull of the year, senior heifers & junior heifers.

Having also spoken to the British White Cattle Society’s press officer, I know more about this breed of cattle than I ever imagined I would ! This is what she told me: “The role of the British White Cattle Society is to encourage the breeding of British White Cattle & to maintain a widespread of bloodlines. British White cattle are one of the UK’s oldest native breeds of which there are approximately ten including the English Longhorn, the Belted Galloway & Highland cattle. There are 70 active breeding herds in the UK & 200 members. British White beef is top quality, with excellent flavour thanks to its marbling (this refers to the intramuscular fat which gives flavour). It’s used by top chefs throughout the UK seeking to provide extra taste to their customers. British White Cattle are good suckler cows (outstanding mothers). They’re also ideal for use with a terminal sire, producing good cross bred calves.”  

To taste beef from the British White cattle, drop into our Apley butchery counter or click HERE to buy online. Home delivery is now available nationwide. For more information on the herd, click HERE.

PS. in case you were wondering (if cows aren’t your thing, you could be forgiven for not knowing), a heifer is a cow which hasn’t yet had a calf.

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  1. Corinna Hamilton / Dec 10 2016 8:36 am

    Well done the Penningtons, what a huge success


    Corinna Lady Hamilton of Dalzell, DL

    Betchworth House East



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    01737 843324

    07899 804215

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