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December 15, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Stocking fillers from Apley Farm Shop

2016-12-15-christmas-stocking-fillers-sw-3 2016-12-15-christmas-stocking-fillers-sw-4 2016-12-15-christmas-stocking-fillers-sw-5 2016-12-15-christmas-stocking-fillers-sw-8 2016-12-15-christmas-stocking-fillers-sw-10 2016-12-15-christmas-stocking-fillers-sw-11 2016-12-15-christmas-stocking-fillers-sw-12 2016-12-15-christmas-stocking-fillers-sw-13 Apley Farm Shop is full of stocking fillers like these here. Many can also be bought in our online shop – just click HERE to go there.

Apley Farm Shop can help you get completely organised for Christmas – we’ve got everything Christmas (or very nearly!) from Christmas hampers, Christmas trees, Christmas cakes, minced pies, Christmas turkey, cheeses, Christmas lunches, Christmas Afternoon Teas, Christmas parties ..

I bumped into a neighbour & friend on Sunday afternoon. He was very complimentary about the shop & its cafe, saying he had a fruitful business meeting there over lunch in our Creamery Cafe (that’s what we have to call a meal deal!).  He said it’s a credit to the area & really likes what we’ve created there. The other [business]man loved the farm shop & likened it to Harrods Food Hall. By chance, on Sun 27 Nov, a food producer said he’d had a better day with us than at Harrods. Also by chance, I told him we’d been reconsidering the rebranding (I can’t say more yet!) issue which came up as soon as we opened on 31 March 2011. Daily, I feel we exceed the expectations created by our current name of Apley Farm Shop – which could be anything from a small barn on the side of the road to a considerably sized, dynamic, multi-facetted, 21st century rural business. Last Saturday at a party, someone who’d I’d never met asked what I did. Her initial reaction when I first mentioned Apley Farm Shop (inter alia) was totally different to when I described it in more detail. It’s still very true – we’re soooo much more than a farm shop !

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