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December 16, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Local Shropshire turkeys at Apley Farm Shop

2e0a2200 2e0a2551 2016-10-19-cartwrights-kelly-bronze-turkeys 2016-10-19-cartwrights-logoApley Farm Shop’s butcher has sourced its turkeys as locally as possible this year from Shifnal (less than 7 miles away) & Condover, near Shrewsbury.

David Cartwright’s family rear turkeys at Home Farm, Condover. He sent me these details below:

Kelly Bronze turkeys of Condover, Shrewsbury are celebrating their 20th Anniversary. The breed was first established in the 1980s as Derek Kelly from Danbury in Essex wanted to recreate the flavour of turkey, as he felt due to mass farming practices, the flavour had been lost. He set up a breeding station in America, breeding from wild native turkeys.

The breed was established and brought back to the UK. The breed was proven a huge success in and around the London area, with Delia Smith endorsing it as the ‘Best Christmas Turkey’. Fine food halls like Harrods and Fortnum and Mason were quick to follow. The Kelly family were keen to expand the business across the country and approached the Cartwright family in Condover near Shrewsbury to rear them and market them across the West Midlands.

Now quite simply Christmas would not be Christmas without an award winning KellyBronze turkey for many people in Shropshire and the West Midlands………

David Cartwright runs the farm at Home Farm in Condover remembers starting with 100 KellyBronze poults in 1996. He remembers how difficult it was to educate people and explain what the difference between a KellyBronze and an ordinary turkey. Ultimately the proof is in the eating! As the years went by the numbers grew year on year.

Many people are now very aware of what they eat and like to buy local food, especially when it comes to the most important meal of the year… Christmas lunch !

Over the years we have had to change and adapt now 95% of our turkey orders are received online on our website, which aims to be a one stop shop for great Christmas produce.

David Cartwright of KellyBronze turkeys comments “Our aim was always to be the best Christmas turkey on the market and I think it has been widely recognised we have achieved that. After receiving numerous awards, many of the leading cooking writers recommend the KellyBronze including Delia Smith, Nigella Lawson, Henrietta Green, Anthony Worral-Thompson and Jamie Oliver.

“The secret of our success is, we believe, in the breed and also the way the turkeys are raised. We are doing nothing new – on the contrary, we have adopted traditional farming methods, enabling KellyBronze turkeys to roam freely in the fields. At night the turkeys have shelter in open barns with deep straw and plenty of fresh air. Our turkeys are grown slowly over many months, unlike many turkeys that are reared for a few weeks. Their feed is based on locally grown cereals and vegetable proteins without additives, drugs and growth promoters.

Our processing methods, too, are traditional. The birds are dry plucked by hand which then enables us to hang them in a chilled maturation chamber for fourteen days to develop an even fuller flavour – after all a turkey is a game bird and should be treated like one.

This process is totally unique to a KellyBronze, but crucial to achieving the ultimate flavour that melts in your mouth. 99.9% of all turkeys that are reared for the Christmas Market are NOT reared this way. That is why turkey gets the reputation for being dry and tasteless.

Our turkeys are wrapped and boxed to ensure their quality is protected. Our turkeys also cook very quickly (12mins per lb), simply because of the maturity of the turkey, and the hanging process makes the meat very tender, so each turkey has its own cooking instructions and meat thermometer to ensure the turkey is cooked to perfection.

If you’re in the farm shop, place your Christmas orders by 5pm tomorrow (Sunday 18 Dec) or if ordering online, please order by midnight on Tuesday 20 December. Just click HERE to order online. Next day, home delivery costs £8.50 & the insulated packaging is £5, so £13.50 to get it to your door.

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