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January 26, 2017 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Shortbread & oatcakes at Apley Farm Shop


Lifestyle oatcakes


Handmade porridge oatcakes, Fife cut


Bite sized handmade Highlanders – mini shortbread


Lifestyle shortbread

2016-11-17-your-piece-logo-jpeg Last night was Burns’ Nights, so whilst Scotland is on my mind, it’s a good day to share news of a shortbread company from Fife. Your Piece Baking Company have won 25 Great Taste Awards – that’s like the Venus Williams (in my mind, as there was a piece on the radio about her this morning) of oatcakes ! A London friend now living in Fife, Scotland, met the founder of the company & put him in touch with us. What luck, as I personally adore all his products. Shortbread is my favourite over almost every other kind of biscuit & I adore oatcakes, having handmade them myself for years (with pinhead oatmeal). Sometimes we simply have to bend our ethos of local food from local producers … !

Their products now stocked at Apley Farm Shop include handmade oatmeal oatcakes (“Fife Cut”), handmade porridge oatcakes (“Fife Cut”), handmade oatmeal oatcakes (“Seeded”), handmade bitesized Highlander shortbread& handmade oatmeal shortbread “Gift Tubes”. The latter are great for helping the uneaten biscuits stay perfect for longer.

Here’s part of what they say about themselves:

“We are on a mission to bring to the world a real handmade Scottish oatcake and when we say ‘handmade’, this is what we mean: When hand-rolled with a rolling pin and baked with only the finest ingredients and just sufficient baking powder to allow it to rise correctly, a genuinely handmade Scottish oatcake is a thing of beauty. All our oats come from farms in Fife and we never use artificial additives or preservatives, but by keeping it simple we have created a range of delicious biscuits and breakfast cereals that have developed a loyal following in Scotland and beyond.”

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