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January 30, 2017 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Llaeth y Llan, Village Dairy yoghurts


St David’s Day – this year it’s on Wed 1 March


Strawberry yoghurt

Llaeth y Llan2017-01-30-village-dairy-yoghurt-llaeth-y-llan2017-01-30-village-dairy-yoghurt-llaeth-y-llan-22017-01-30-village-dairy-yoghurt-llaeth-y-llan-2, Village Dairy yoghurts are one of my fridge essentials & they don’t last long on our breakfast table ! I’ve been enjoying them daily for some time, so I have finally made time to share this good yoghurty news ! Sold in Apley Farm Shop, they have been handmade in Wales for the past 30 years by Gareth Roberts. He has just sent me these photos & a spot of history:

Llaeth Y Llan / Village Dairy have been producing our award winning yogurt for over 30 years in the heart of North Wales, and are happy to say that it is still being made on the Roberts’ family farm today.

Llaeth y Llan currently have 14 different flavours of the little pots (125g) to try and 7 flavours in the large pots (450g), with Vanilla being the most recent. The most popular flavours include Toffee and Strawberry. The company is proud of their roots and insist on using wholesome Welsh milk from the local area due to its high quality as it creates a yogurt that’s rich, creamy and full of flavour which our consumers love.’

If there’s a flavour we don’t yet stock, just let us know & we’ll try it !

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