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March 23, 2017 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden dipping pond exposed


Polytunnel in mid February


Plum trees planted down main entrance drive (mid Feb)


Clearance under yew trees (mid Feb)


Doorway into outer garden (needs repairing !)

Exposing the dipping ponds. Very nice, brick lined & still holding water.

These edging stones have been broken & then buried at the bottom of the pool. Real shame

Just sharing a few more photos of Apley Walled Garden winter-spring preparation photos (which got overlooked) from mid February.

Earlier this week, Phil sent me these photos of exposing the dipping ponds. One was damaged as we laid new water pipes in 2013, but this one (at the other end of the main garden) remains in great (relatively speaking!) condition it seems (it still holds water at least!). The name of course comes gardeners dipping their watering cans in.

He’s just sent me this photo of the job finished – that’ awesome progress – I can’t wait to see it ! It’s much deeper than I’d expected & will make watering the garden much easier. It’s almost big enough for gardeners to have a quick dip on hot days !

PS. I’ve just found my notes from my interview with Michael Coombes 24 Aug 2012. He came to Apley in 1935 aged 3 when his father Jim Coombes moved from Chatsworth to be Head Gardener. He said “Dipping ponds between the wall ends. Two steps down the inside, down which the gardeners climbed with their buckets. Bottom pond has cleaner water. Bugs to find: Frog spawn & toad spawn in top pond. Never had any newts. Dragon flies flying over. Pond skaters, mosquito, whirly jigs, water beetles.” Michael has very happy & strong memories of his years at Apley. I can easily imagine any 3yr old boy happily bug spotting round the dipping ponds.

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  1. Corinna Hamilton / Mar 23 2017 11:07 pm

    Fascinating, I didn’t know anything about the dipping ponds, but of course it makes perfect sense and I look forward so much to seeing the m


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