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March 29, 2017 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Spare Fruit – fruit crisps at Apley Farm Shop

How to make honey & apple crisps, The Week Junior We’re just about to stock Spare Fruit fruit crisps at Apley Farm Shop. Ben of Spare Fruit, just sent me this summary: “Spare Fruit transforms beautifully fresh rescued fruit into delicious healthy 100% fruit crisps.  We gently slice whole Kentish pears (not wasting a pip), and slowly air-dry (never fry) them into naturally sweet slices of awesome fruity goodness that are low calorie, high in fibre with absolutely nothing added.

It might be too small, misshapen, or just too plentiful, but we work with small British farms to ensure no fruit is left hanging and no food is wasted.”

Love food hate waste is an ethos both Spare Fruit & Apley Farm Shop clearly share. As for wonky fruit & veg – we’ve have it in spades !

Francis found an article this weekend in The Week Junior on how to do it at home – How to make honey & apple crisps. Take a look & have a go. If it doesn’t quite work out, just drop into Apley Farm Shop & try the real thing from Spare Fruit. I think you’ll love them !

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