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May 1, 2017 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

K9Anytime – Shropshire’s brand new doggy daycare & luxury hotel

K9Anytime logoDog in sand pitK9Anytime is Shropshire’s brand new doggy daycare & luxury hotel which has opened near Apley Farm Shop, renting a building from the Apley Estate. Their next open days are 6-7 May.

Co-founder Tom Haynes emailed me with these details recently. They’re set to open tomorrow, Mon 1 May.  This is what he said: “Our organisation aims to revolutionise existing dog care services and provide a significantly improved alternative to traditional boarding kennels, which are predominantly concrete and caged areas where dogs receive little to no interaction with humans or fellow dogs, are often under exercised and under stimulated for long periods of time. Attending these establishments is often a traumatic and unpleasant experience for dogs (and indeed owners), as they are left without their familiar social companions in a foreign, unwelcoming and unstimulating environment.

Our luxury hotel provides the opposite to this: a social, open plan, cage free and homely environment, where dogs enjoy private fully furnished rooms, attention to their own personal preferences and needs, individual camera and audio monitoring as well as social playtime and exercise with our handlers and fellow dogs. [When I read this out to Gavin, at this point he said he’d rather like to stay there himself].

Our daycare is designed to exchange lonely hours at home alone while owners are at work or away for fun and friend filled days. We have a unique 4 STEP programme of Socialisation, Training, Exercise and Play, which all dogs who attend our daycare will enjoy in any one visit to us. This involves a daily schedule spent in the company of others, playing, getting outdoor exercise, and brushing up on basic training – all in between a few naps of course! Our daycare’s constantly changing and engaging environment removes the potential for boredom, anxiety and frustration which an empty house can cause. All guests at our luxury hotel will also enjoy our 4 STEP programme during the daytime.

We live in a time where our dogs are not just our pets, but our friends and our family, and K9 Anytime treats them as such. We are a business, but we consider ourselves above all else an animal welfare organisation, here to help improve the lives of dogs and their owners, and to help reduce the number of dogs sitting at home alone or in unwelcoming, unfriendly environments in the absence of their family. It’s time to give our dogs the day they deserve, every day!

We are extremely passionate about our cause and are excited by any opportunity to let the local community know that they no longer have to send their dogs to boarding kennels or leave them alone unattended. 

I know a dog owner who’s just been to one of their open days & was very impressed. For more information, email them on or call 01952 730 333. I visited them today & it really does look like dog heaven ! I can’t wait to see it filled with happy dogs.



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