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May 19, 2017 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley cheese wins gold award

Mr Moyden's Apley cheese wins gold award

Artisan Cheese Awards, gold award for Mr Moyden's Apley Cheshire Cheese

Artisan Cheese Awards, gold award for Mr Moyden’s Apley Cheshire Cheese

The Apley cheese has just won a gold award at the Artisan Cheese Awards. We’re incredibly proud & excited, but it’s really Martin & Beth Moyden who are the proudest. The cheese won a similar award when it was first made in the building which is now the Creamery Café, 1956-65. So it is extra special to see it win again, over 50 years later, this time made by Mr Moyden near Market Drayton in Shropshire.

Click HERE to hear all about it on BBC Radio Shropshire’s interview with Lord Hamilton (Gavin) & Deli Donna Jones. Fast forward to 2 hours 46 mins (last 4 mins).

Here’s what Mr Moyden told me: “The Artisan Cheese Awards 2017 had over 500 entries from 116 producers assessed by 41 judges.  The awards were part of the Artisan Cheese Fair which took place 29-30 April in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, where the country’s finest artisan cheesemakers will be exhibiting. The Apley cheese delighted the judges who awarded it Gold in the vegetarian class.  The Apley cheese recipe was revived after 61 years by Martin & Beth Moyden of Moyden’s Handmade Cheese near Market Drayton in conjunction with Lord & Lady Hamilton of the Apley Estate & Rosemary Keen, the last of the original cheesemakers. Rosemary advised on the traditional techniques used to make the Apley cheese on the Estate. We have kept to these traditional ways as we do with our entire range of award winning cheeses this retains their uniqueness and captures the provenance that we strive for in our cheeses.  Beth & I are thrilled to have won a Gold award as we are fine tuning the Apley cheese all of the time. It’s good to see our hard work is paying off !

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  1. Corinna Hamilton / May 27 2017 11:58 am

    Dearest H,

    That is such a fantastic success, well done all of you and of course Mr Moyden. Anyway I totally agree it is a very good cheese. Worth all the effort of getting it back into production and all the research you did


    Corinna Lady Hamilton of Dalzell, DL

    Betchworth House East



    RH3 7AE

    01737 843324

    07899 804215

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