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August 6, 2017 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Great school holiday meals at Apley Farm Shop

Medium chicken pie

Apley Butchery’s Family & medium pies – great for summer holiday lunches with children home from school

The school holidays have started. If you’re you are already struggling to think of & prepare 2 meals a day for the whole family, look no further. Coming to the rescue are Bob the Butcher’s family meat pies from the Apley Butcher at Apley Farm Shop, taken by Steve Watts of A Decent Exposure.

We have 2 sizes of family meat pies in 8 varieties: Large 8″ pies feed 4-6 people & cost £3.95. Medium oval shaped pies feed 2-3 people & cost £3.25.

  1. Vegetarian cheese & vegetable pie
  2. Steak & mushroom pie
  3. Steak & ale pie
  4. Steak & kidney pie
  5. Minty lamb & vegetable pie
  6. Chicken curry pie
  7. Chicken ham & leek pie
  8. Chicken & mushroom pie

The asterisked* pies are also available as individual pies for one person. The minced beef & onion pie is only available as an individual pie for one person.

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