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September 13, 2017 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Good food feeds great ideas

Cooked – with beans, pulses & chilli spicy tomato sauce from Apley Farm Shop by Bibijis (Gourmet World TexMex Chilli). This one isn’t actually on the trolley, but is grown amongst them

Two quick notes for the day – delicious cooked squash supper, from Apley Walled Garden.

For more Walled Garden produce news, click HERE to read our Facebook page.

Secondly, where do you think great ideas start? In the kitchen – or perhaps by accident or in the shower ?!

When – whenever you have time to think or discuss with others

Who with – some find being alone the best time. Others need at least 1 other person with whom to bounce off ideas (so more likely the kitchen!)

If in the kitchen, whereabouts exactly ? Around the kitchen table, in front of the Aga (warmest place) or sitting on the sofa (relaxed) or at a breakfast bar

What are you doing round the kitchen table when discussing great new ideas ? Drinking coffee (stimulates brain activity) or eating food

What type of food are you eating ? Good food (ie. not junk food)

Conclusion 🙂 Good food feeds great minds & ideas.

Where to get good food: Locally, so if in Shropshire, drop into Apley Farm Shop !

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