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January 8, 2018 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Smoked Pheasant on BBC Radio Shropshire yesterday

Paul Shuttleworth very kindly invited me to speak on his Sunday kitchen programme about Smoked Pheasant on BBC Radio Shropshire yesterday morning. Click HERE to listen again (this link lasts only 30 days). I’ve not yet listened to it myself, so I hope it all sounded OK! Skip 8:10 on the slider. Paul’s a master at interviewing & clearly an expert in his field, but I still found myself drifting & saying things I’d not intended to say & of course also not saying some of the things I really wanted to say – Argh !!

Our next fresh batch of Smoked Pheasant is due on Wed 17 Jan, 12 noon. In the meantime, stock up on frozen breasts whilst stocks last. It’s a seasonal product & so there may be supply gap 1 Aug to 1 Nov, though I may be able to reduce that – working on it. After the shooting season is over on 1 Feb, we send frozen breasts to the smokery where they’re treated 3 times (dry cured, hot smoked, cooked sous-vide). They return to the shop unfrozen but smoked, with a 2 week shelf life. They can be refrozen & kept in the freezer for 6 months. Once we run out of frozen [unsmoked] breasts, we have to wait until the next shooting season begins on 1 Oct (but on the Apley Estate, we wait until 1 Nov usually until the birds are a bit bigger).

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