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March 1, 2018 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Papi Willepotte’s sauces for sale in Apley Farm Shop

When next in Apley Farm Shop, try Papi Willepotte’s sauces which are now for sale in our Food Hall. Here are details from Jack Willepotte to tell you all about them:

The recipe belongs to my grandfather, Raymond Willepotte, who began making sauce in his butchers shop in Lille, France in the 1950’s.  It became popular with his customers who used it to make steak tartar and to accompany roast joints and cold meat platters.  Raymond eventually sold the Butcher’s Shop but continued making and selling the sauce in the North of France until his retirement twelve years ago.  Much to his chagrin, none of his three sons wanted to continue the family business and the sauce recipe was returned to the kitchen drawer, only making an appearance at Willepotte family gatherings, where the plates were always licked clean.

I have grown up loving my Papi Raymond’s sauce. I can’t imagine a family BBQ without it. Now, I have decided it is time to dust off the recipe, put on my apron and have a go myself. Papi Raymond has helped me learn how to make the sauce so that I can share it with you. Now that I make my own, there is no stopping me. I have it with everything; burgers, chips, roasted veggies and have even found that it is delicious with a traditional English breakfast, not bad for a French recipe!

I make the sauce in my kitchen at home in Middleton Priors, Shropshire. I gained my Food Safety Certificate in 2016. My mum couldn’t believe it when I told her we had to have a kitchen inspection as part of the registration process for setting up a food business. I use only natural ingredients and free range eggs.  My sister, Mathilde, is the arty one who has designed the labels. Papi likes my sauce but says I need a few years of practice before it will be as good as when he made it.

Some people are just hard to please!! I hope you enjoy the sauce as much as I do. Bon Apetit! Jack Willepotte


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