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April 26, 2019 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Shooting Gazette article about Apley Smoked Pheasant

We’re very lucky the Shooting Gazette came to chat to us about our Apley Smoked Pheasant & take some photos (I’m truly the least photogenic person ever – for one, I move too much!). Luckily that lovely spring sunshine held for us & we spent a fun few hours with our gamekeepers Gary & Dave, looking very smart in their shooting tweed. It’s an all year round product, perfect for summer picnics, so we just set up our usual style picnic to show how we enjoy it ourselves.

I managed to take this photo of the scene, to give you an idea.

I’m very passionate about using pheasant in this smoked, ready to eat form. It’s so widely available & yet under appreciated. It freezes well, which means it doesn’t have to be only enjoyed in the 3 months game season (when some people get a bit fed up with the glut!). Far more game is eaten on the continent & I believe strongly that pheasant (smoked or not) really should become the fifth meat, alongside pork, lamb, beef & chicken. It’s the ultimate free range meat, living in the woods shown in this photo.

Talking Game Magazine has some of the best pheasant recipes I’ve seen. Click HERE to get inspired, fish some out of your freezer & get cooking!

Before I go, last thing, twin packs of Smoked Pheasant are now available.

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