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June 19, 2019 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Shooting Gazette article features Apley Smoked Pheasant

There are so many people I have to thank who have helped me get Apley Smoked Pheasant launched, that rather than single them out & risk omitting or offending anyone, I’d rather just say a HUGE & collective thank you to them all. They know who they are (this is sounding like a wedding speech!) & I’m sooooo grateful to them all.

A few key things for me about Apley Smoked Pheasant include the fact that it’s ready to eat, quick & convenient & tastes soooo different to any pheasant you’ve ever tasted before (some mistake it for duck). Also, that that it’s available all year round, so rather than getting fed up with game in season, it can be enjoyed all year round. Besides, it’s a fab summer food. This means we have to break with our strong ethos of eating according to what’s in season, but with game, it’s worth being flexible! Most importantly, I’d say (but then I would!) it’s the best way to enjoy the meat from huge quantities of pheasants being shot every year. I love food & hate waste, so got fed up hearing about how much was being wasted every year. Plus it’s free range & an awesomely healthy food !

Lastly & just in case you were wondering, I don’t (& never have or wish to) shoot pheasants (or anything) myself !

If you’d like to try some, please just click HERE. If you have any queries, just email me HERE.

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