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Lady [Harriet] Hamilton, Lady Hamilton of Dalzell, Apley Estate, Apley Farm Shop, Apley Walled Garden, Shropshire UK

More correctly I’m either Mrs Harriet Hamilton, The Hon Mrs Gavin Hamilton or Lady Hamilton of Dalzell. But as my super mother in law is Corinna, Lady Hamilton of Dalzell, to distinguish us, I am increasingly referred to (understandably !) as Lady Harriet or Lady Harriet Hamilton, which is apparently officially OK nowadays. This happens every day, whenever we’re required to provide title, first & last name, eg on websites. Also, ‘’ was already taken !

I’m married to Gavin Hamilton, Lord Hamilton of Dalzell, with whom we have 4 children. He owns the Apley Estate in Shropshire (UK) on which we run Apley Farm Shop which includes the Pigg’s Playbarn, The Creamery Café Restaurant, Corn Loft Conference Room & Skylark Nature Trail. There are retail tenants in the shopping courtyard. Having opened Apley Farm Shop in March 2011, we began bringing back into production Apley Walled Garden in Spring 2013, to supply Apley Farm Shop. We the years, we have split our time between Brussels, Paris, Oxford & London. When not working on the marketing, press, advertising & events for the above, I adore being with our children – usually with their ponies too.


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  1. Steven beech / Jun 29 2014 11:59 am


    I was wondering if you still have rooms where myself and my fiancee can stay. I have just been watching a programme that featured you’re amazing home.

    Thanks Steven

  2. Brookes Poole / May 17 2015 8:30 pm

    Dear Lady Hamilton,

    I was reading about your rediscovery of the diary of AW Foster, who served in the Blues in WW1.

    By any chance is this something which you may be posting on your site?

    I am very interested to learn more about him as I have a monocular which once belonged to him & was amazed to find that this diary existed!

    Many thanks!

    Best regards, Brookes

  3. Juanita DeRoo / Nov 24 2016 3:12 pm

    Hello from Canada……I believe Hoards Park is still a part of the Apley Estate? My gr.grandfather John Holland Wase was born and raised in the manor at Hoards Park. I would love to have any information regarding their possession of Hoards Park whether by ownership or rental. If you could help me I would be forever grateful.

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