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January 6, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden news

2015-01-06, Winter in AWG

The gardens in winter

2015-01-06, Winter in AWG 2

Edging pathways

2015-01-06, New growth in the polytunnel

New growth from Rainbow Chard in polytunnel

2014-12-03, Raspberries

Raspberry canes in December

2015-01-06, Waiting to be washed

Vegetables waiting to be washed after being lifted first thing in the morning

Sorting out the 2015 seeds

Sorting out the 2015 seeds

Head Gardener Phil just sent me these lovely photos, keeping me up to date with progress in Apley Walled Garden: We grow a wide variety of carrots, which are always in demand in the Shop, Café & local restaurants. Bunched & heritage varieties are photographed here. Another photo here shows colourful new growth from Rainbow Chard grown in the polytunnel, which has allowed the growing season to begin much earlier. Then you can see here the muddy vegetables waiting to be washed after being lifted first thing in the morning. Having been washed & prepared, the veg is then taken to the Farm Shop & put in the chiller to keep it fresh. Winter is a busy time in the garden, even though the ground is wet & cold. Pathways need to edged to keep the soil in the beds & off the paths. Phil is also preparing the soil there, to plant herbs along the pathway edges, which I’m sure will look & smell lovely by May or June. Another winter task is sorting out the seeds & deciding where to plant what. 2015-01-06, Selection of carrots 2015-01-06, Washed and ready to go




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