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August 6, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Homegrown Apley apricots


2015-08-06, Homegrown apricots 3

A taste of Summer

Homegrown apricots

Homegrown Apley apricots

These Mirabelle plums are sooo delicious (4 was not enough !) right now. These gorgeous homegrown Apley apricots, grown by Gavin on a south facing wall, will be perfect in a few days’ time. They’re still a bit bitter, which makes them perfect to sell in Apley Farm Shop now, so they’ll last longer in customers’ homes & ripen in their fruit bowls.

Apley Farm Shop had a double stand & according to Gavin, a great day at Burwarton Show today – one of the UK’s premier agricultural shows & certainly one of Shropshire’s longest running county shows (over 100 years). It seems that everyone goes & today they had perfect weather for it.

The team have been preparing for the Apley Plant Centre Garden Weekend coming up this weekend, 8-9 August. The tent has gone up & once again, there will be the widely enjoyed Apley barbecue.

The girls have just been to a birthday party this afternoon, where they had a fab time playing Capture the Flag & Rescue (the latter has to be played in the dark & preferably in a house with 2 staircases so there’s a circuit & plenty of hiding places !).


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