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January 11, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

St Valentine’s Day at Apley Farm Shop

2016-06-07, 8h30 AFS rainbow over the farm shop

Before opening time, rainbow over Apley Farm Shop (Thurs 7 Jan 2016)

2016-01-10, Lavender wreath

Lavender wreath

St. Valentine’s day at Apley Farm Shop last year was beautifully organised by our General Manager Tina whose expertise in catering (catered for 3000 standing on her head) really shines through, particularly in our special Afternoon Teas. More on those very soon.

Big Little Things joined the Apley Farm Shop courtyard shopping. Gearing up for St Valentine’s Day, they’ll have freshly cut flowers & presents available for collection or delivery. With over 10 years of experience between them, owners Fran & Sarah can incorporate your partner’s favourite flowers & colours to create a gorgeous, fragrant floral arrangement. Anytime between now & Valentine’s Day, you can create your own tailor-made, unique bouquet of flowers for someone special this Valentine’s day.

For those living further away or very short of time, there’s always our brand new online Delishop, brimming with perfect, edible Valentine’s Day present ideas.

Jogging back from the school run alongside Francis on his bike, I passed this 100% heavenly lavender wreath.

Bill Jones & Bert White with Dairy Shorthorns c.1950s

Bill Jones & Bert White with Dairy Shorthorns c.1950s

We say farewell to Lottie’s [fashion] which is leaving our Courtyard Shopping on 31 January. We’ve continued to discuss some exciting ideas this morning for the building’s new use. It was the dairy (as seen in this archive photo here), where the cows were milked. Then milk was then converted into cheese (only for 9 yrs, 1956-65) in the creamery – now the Creamery Cafe.

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