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August 17, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden progress

2016-08-16, AWG progress (1)

Moon over Apley Walled Garden

2016-08-16, AWG progress (13)

Patty pan squash

2016-08-16, Apley cucumbers

Apley cucumbers

Apley Walled Garden is a heavenly place to spend an evening at this time of year – if you can NOT focus on how weedy it has all become. Tomorrow, Apley Farm Shop will have patty pan squash, globe courgettes (great with tops sliced off & stuffed with minced beef & rice), Apache potatoes (the pink & white patchy ones), borage & viola flowers for salads & dozens of Yellow Pershore plums (the weight of the fruit even broke 1 of the branches).  As I picked the plums (& ate 6 myself!), the heat I felt emanating from the walls was as if the boilers were working again.

I had delicious roast tomato soup in a very sunny Apley courtyard with Natasha, catching up on her day of marketing & mine. I met with the butcher to run through marketing for the next quarter, up to & including Christmas (can you believe it), then did the same with the head chef. Really glad to have met with them both & to cover so much ground.

Cheese of the week is Godminster £2.27 per 100g – great news there, thanks to Lora, we’ve been listed as one of the UK’s top 10 (out of 100) cheese counters by the Guild of Fine Foods. So well done to Lora & her team. Sausage of the week is caramelised red onion £5.95 – anything with caramelised onions is bound to be good !

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