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May 7, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Walled Garden on BBC Radio Shropshire

2015-04-25, Little gem lettuces ready to go to Apley Farm Shop

Little gem lettuces ready to go to Apley Farm Shop

Off to do some spraying

Off to do some spraying

2015-03-26, Red radishes - Sparklers

Red radishes – Sparklers

2015-03-26, Radishes - White icicles

Radishes – White icicles

Last Sunday 3 May 2015, Phil Allen, Head Gardener of Apley Walled Garden, was interviewed by Paul Shuttleworth on the incredibly rapid progress Phil’s made in the last 2 years since we brought the gardens back into production in Feb 2013. He’s had a team of volunteers & occasional help from the Apley Farming & Estate teams plus support from Gavin, Graeme (land agent) & me. But essentially, the garden’s success at supplying Apley Farm Shop & other local businesses, is down to one man – Phil. He’s great on the radio & TV – you’ll enjoy listening to him sharing his wealth of knowledge & expertise. Just click HERE to listen again.

To whet your appetite, here are some of Phil’s radishes – red sparklers & white icicles.

On Monday morning, I spotted Adrian Joynt, Apley Farm Manager, off to do some spraying (see photo). He’s just sent me this week’s farming update: “The bulls have been put out with the cows, so the first calves (next lot !) will be due February 2016. They’ve been planting Wild Seed Mixes for the Stewardship agreements & game cover (ie plants which pheasants & partridges like hiding in) for the Apley shoots.

The Wild Bird Seed mixes are based on plant species with small seeds such as kale, quinoa, buckwheat & millet which provide habitat & a food supply over the winter months for wild birds. The game cover is a mix of maize with a little sunflower included & this is to provide shelter & food.” 

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