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July 26, 2015 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Cosford Food Festival & caterpillars

Shrewsbury Food Festival

Shrewsbury Food Festival – Julie & her daughter Alison

2015-06-27, AFS's Shrewsbury Food Festival stand - beetroot 1

Shrewsbury Food Festival – Apley Walled Garden beetroot

2015-06-27, AFS's Shrewsbury Food Festival stand - veg stand

Shrewsbury Food Festival – Apley Walled Garden strawberries, Spring onions, apache potatoes & Apley honey

Apley Farm Shop had a stand at Cosford Food Festival this weekend, the 3rd food festival we’ve attended this year (Shrewsbury & Newport being the other 2). It went very well, considering the damp British summer weather. Our children tell me the only difference between summer & winter is in summer the rain is warmer! – 🙂 Next, we’ll be at Burwarton Show on Thursday 7 August (our girls are also coming, to show jump one of our ponies) & Beckbury Show on Saturday 12 Sept.

Meantime, I met with a friend to fundraise for a local RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) centre. Then I had a marketing meeting after-hours with our great Creamery CafĂ© staff – we covered a lot & they came up with some great new ideas. They’d just coped with a upset group who’d discovered a caterpillar in their lettuce. Earlier in the day, I’d been listening to Phil Allen of Apley Walled Garden on BBC Radio Shropshire answering all kinds of gardening queries. Keeping all butterflies away is practically impossible when produce is grown outdoors in natural conditions (sun & of course rain!). About 5-10 yrs ago, when I found a slug on my lettuce during a long-haul flight, I asked the air hostess for another salad portion. She was horrified when she saw the slug, but I told her I didn’t mind as it was, after all, just one of those things one expects from time to time in salad crops – no matter how many times British Airways washes its salad ! The Creamery CafĂ© does always of course also do its very best to avoid dishing up caterpillars & is very quick to apologise, if ever one is found lurking !

Sorry, no photo of the caterpillar in question, but Francis’s holiday pet / carefully-cultivated-caterpillar is turning into a chrysalis as we speak. It’ll be a red Cinnabar moth soon.

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