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April 9, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Tomato Festival, 24-25 Sept

2015-19-08, Tomato Beef Master

Beef Master tomatoes

2015-08-19, Tomato San Marzano

San Marzano tomatoes

2015-08-19, Tomato Rosella

Rosella tomatoes

2015-19-08, Tomato Brandywine

Brandywine tomatoes

2015-19-08, Tomato Orkado

Orkado tomatoes

2015-07-30, AWG heritage tomatoes

Heritage tomatoes

Apley Tomato Festival will be held 24-25 Sept, as part of Apley Farm Shop’s 2 day Harvest & Craft Fair weekend. It seems ages away but now’s the time to get gardening ! Anyone can enter. There will be an entry form online very soon.

Apley Walled Garden’s Head Gardener Phil Allen is growing the young tomato plants in his polytunnels & taking them to local schools. His Facebook page will be full of advice & tips for teachers & pupils, on how to grow tomatoes successfully. Phil will keep in regular contact to ensure their tomatoes are growing well. Once they’ve got a few tomatoes appearing, the schools are then invited to enter the competition. I’ll blog the form asap with details of the classes – the biggest tomato, the reddest tomato, the most unusual shaped tomato … We’re lining up some great prizes of course.

Teachers, pupils & parents turn up on the day (Sat 24 Sept) bringing their plants & or the tomatoes & their competition entry form (Phil will be onsite to receive them). They must arrive by 12noon for judging at 1pm & prizes at 2pm.  Phil will display the tomato plants & baskets of tomatoes in the courtyard labelled with the school’s name. Plants & tomatoes must be removed by 4pm on the day or they will get cooked in our Creamery Cafe !

Phil will be in the courtyard on the day with his display of numerous varieties (listed below), giving 15 mins talks about tomatoes on the hour from 11-4pm. He has been calling round the seed companies to gather as many varieties as he can – he’s hoping to top 100. Here is the first 45 from his long list – some with wierd & wonderful names:

  1. Akron f1
  2. Apricot Dream
  3. Beefmaster
  4. Cherrola
  5. Delicacay
  6. Orkado
  7. Shirley
  8. Sparta
  9. Sungold
  10. Super Sweet
  11. Sweet Million
  12. Alisa Craig
  13. Alicante
  14. Big Daddy
  15. Black Opal
  16. Black Russian
  17. Craigella
  18. Gardeners Delight
  19. Golden Sunrise
  20. Money Maker
  21. Rosella
  22. San Marzano
  23. St Pierre
  24. Tigerella
  25. Yellow Pear
  26. Lizzano
  27. Megabyte
  28. Sweet n Neat Scarlet
  29. Smader
  30. Totem
  31. Tumbler
  32. Amateur
  33. Garten Perle
  34. Peardrop
  35. Red Alert
  36. Roma
  37. Tiny Tim
  38. Tumbling Tom Red
  39. Tumbling Tom Yellow
  40. Marmande
  41. Outdoor Girl
  42. Estamino
  43. Latah
  44. Green Zebra
  45. Costoluto Fiorentino


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