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May 31, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Apley Archive engravings

2016-05-26, Clive Gwilt photo, Apley ferry

A view of William Whitmore Esq ferry Apley, his seat near Bridge North, Shropshire

2016-05-26, Clive Gwilt photo, Hermitage cave & Apley

A view of the Hermitage & the red deer park & the going into Apley, seat of William Whitmore, Shropshire

2016-05-26, Clive Gwilt photo, High rock & distant Bridgnorth, 1730

A view of the town of Bridgnorth, the Malvern Hills at a distance & the high rock, from William Whitmore’s Red Deer Park, Shropshire

2016-05-26, Clive Gwilt photo, Rock on hill at Apley

The hermit’s cake, cut out of the rock on the hill near the wall, William Whitmore’s red deer park, Shropshire

I’ve just received some more Apley archive drawings, owned by the British Museum & shared with me by Clive Gwilt, a Bridgnorth based local historian & author of several books including Bridgnorth through time & A History of Bridgnorth.

Bernard Lens III, born 1682 & died 1740 was known primarily for his miniature portraits. He painted Thomas Whitmore (1711-1773) as a child, c.1720. His parents were William & Elizabeth Whitmore.

The changes in the landscape are obviously – so much more wooded now. Looking in detail at the biggest here for example, I love the 4 men behind the hedge on the far side of the river, pulling the boat. Its very tall mast & sail;I assume the hut in the garden is the WC – but I need to check these details. Note the shapes of the boats, the horse with its rider in the ferry (I would definitely have got off & the horse must have been used to the crossing & very calm!). They’re a fascinating window into the past.

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