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June 25, 2016 / Apley Estate - Hamiltons

Summer fruit offers in Apley Farm Shop

2016-06-29, Strawberries & cream display (2)

Wimbledon special offers

2016-06-29, Punnet offer display (1)These summer fruit offers in Apley Farm Shop look mouth watering. The children adore these peaches after supper whilst catching up with the tennis of the day at Wimbledon – which is so at the mercy of the totally unpredictable British weather. The offers are:

  1. Punnet of strawberry & 250ml cream – £3.00
  2. Prosecco reduced for Wimbledon – £9.99
  3. Three punnets of fruit (apricots, peaches, raspberries, blackberries & blueberries) – £5.00
2016-06-19, Apley butchers - stir fry range

Apley butchers – stir fry range. We tried both the pork & chicken last week for suppers. Both were delicious.

2016-06-25, Apley smoked back bacon

Apley smoked back bacon which we had at home for breakfast on Monday

Whilst in the farm shop, head for teh butcher’s counter & try some of Bob Wassell’s Apley dry cured black treacle back bacon (using free range Packington pork) for £1.19 per 100g.

Recently, we received this lovely feedback email: “Visited your farm shop on Saturday for the first time on the recommendation of a friend. Had breakfast and browsed around Wow brought some of your sausage of the week pork with apricot and tarragon they were delicious only to be topped by the burgers. I have got stir fry to try tomorrow can’t wait to try it. Will defiantly [text replacement at it again – definitely!] be returning.”

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